Sapa is a wonderful and indispensable destination in journey visiting Vietnam.

Spring is the time when Sapa is most effulgent with the white colour of plum flowers and pear flowers along with the pink colour of cherry blossoms. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the multitude of flowers but the cherry blossoms still is the most beautiful variety.

Under the hot weather in Hanoi or the northern provinces, summer in Sapa-Vietnam’s Northwest is a season full of fragrant fruits such as peaches, pears, plums, especially seeing the shimmery beauty of the ladder paddy fields in transplants. You will be immersed in landscape of the ladder paddy fields when people are transplanting rice seedlings.

Autumn is a beautiful season of the year with the cool weather. And this is also the ideal time for travel on foot to admire ripening rice fields at harvest time. Sapa dressed up as a brilliant yellow gown.

Winter is the time that makes Sapa most differentiated with other regions with mountains, forests and houses covered with snow.

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