Nui Coc Lake is a man-made freshwater lake in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam. It is not only a fascinating tourist destination of Thai Nguyen, but also associated to the legend about the love of a girl named Cong and a young man named Coc.

Legend has told that the couple loved each other very much, but due to prejudice both families did not allow them get married. Coc waited for his sweetheart until he turned into the present Coc mountain. Receiving the bad news, Cong was broken-hearted and bewailed her lover until she died. Her tears flowed and changed into a river, the present Cong river, soaking deep into the soil to bring up the tea plants.

To Nui Coc Lake, it is very interesting to go sailing on the lake and explore the most beautiful islands which still maintain untouched strokes. Nui Coc lake landscape like as a charming natural painting. The undulating mountains, trees are silhouetted against the blue surface of the lake which create fanciful scenery. After visiting some attractive places such as Wildlife Garden, Ba Cay Thong love legendary cave; historical monument world cave and Hades cave with fanciful mazes, fairy tales carved on cliff with many unique shapes, visitors return to the water music stage area. For years now, Nui Coc lake has become a fascinating destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

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