For long time, Da Lat is a city famous for Love Valley, Lang Biang plateau…

Truc Lam Monastery

The located is next to Tuyen Lam Lake, 5km far from Da Lat, Truc Lam Da Lat is the largest monastery in Vietnam, was built by combine ancient and model style together. It’s elegant and solemn. It’s a monastery for many people learning about zen there. It also attracts a lot of tourist who go to there to visit and pray. Come to Truc Lam Monastery, you have a chance to see Buddha which is made carefully. The solemn atmosphere will make you feel relax and peaceful. Truc Lam Monastery is also considered as a place to meditate to leave busy life behind. Although they don’t have any service there but, if you want to stay for few days for learning Buddhism, or finding peaceful, balance the life…they wouldn’t deny. Come to there, visitor can watch many kind of beautiful flower is planted in garden.

Love Valley

It’s 5km far from city in the North, Love Valley is the most romantic tourist site in Da Lat. At first, French called “Valley d’Amour” (It mean Love Valley), then Bao Dai (the last King of Vietnam) change it became Peaceful Valley. Up to 1953 It’s called Love Valley. Being a beautiful and romantic destination, Love Valley very useful for couple in love each others. Beautiful landscape and fresh air together, Love valley also good for family picnic.

Langbiang Mountain

2.167m high, Lang Biang is a defiant mountain for who like adventure, conquer height. It belongs to Lam Vien Valley, very good place for picnic and overnight camping. Come to there, at day time visitor can go around to explore the beautiful landscape or meet Lach lady textile brocade. At night time, the cool air of plateau would be great for group of friend, sitting around the fire, hold barbecue with Can wine and traditional dances. Normally, tourist would chose jeep as transportation to go to the top of Lang Biang mountain. However, if you want to try adventure, you could join to conquer “Da Lat’s roof” by trekking through forest.

Strawberry Garden

Da Lat’s climate is temperate. It’s good for many kind of fruits, specially fruit of temperate zone. Strawberry in Da Lat is big and planted always but the strawberry season is spring. Normally, visitor come to strawberry garden would receive a box for choosing strawberry by themselves. There is two kind of strawberry in Da Lat: sour and sweet strawberry. The sweet one is smaller and harder to found

Elephant Waterfall – Linh An pagoda

Voi waterfall (Elephants Waterfall) in Nam Ban town, Lam Ha district, 25km far from Da Lat in the West of South. It’s a wonderful place for hide in summer. Voi waterfall also called Lieng Rowoa waterfall is a majestic waterfall 30 height, wide 40m. There is stones look like small elephant so that the reason why it named Voi waterfall (Elephant water fall). Behind the stream is a deep cave as Bat Cave, Wind Cave….travelling this area, you should travel by group. Near by Elephant waterfall is Linh An pagoda found by Thich Tam Vi in 1993. In this pagoda, there are many big Buddha. Linh An pagoda is not only a religion areas for Buddhist but also a tourist site for many visitor. Coming to Linh An pagoda, listening to the sound of Elephant waterfall and the sound of pagoda’s bell together make you feel peaceful and couldn’t forget it.

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