The “Chợ Quê Ngày Hội” or The Rural market on Festival days is a special rural excursion organized by the villagers of Thanh Thuy Chanh during important festivals.  It is one of the many activities of the Hue Festival program. It is held every two years & has always attracted many visitors.

It may recur the image of the rural market. After enjoying a sightseeing tour of local relic sites, market visitors can examine the farming tools on display in private museums next to the bridge. The market includes many interesting folk games and cultural activities, such as breaking earthen pots, Bai choi singing, cock-fighting, and boat-races. Visitors at home and abroad may learn about how to grind or sieve flour to make cakes, or sew palm-leaf conical hat.  The bridge has been recognized as a national cultural relic site.

The rural market at Thanh Toan Tile Roofed bridge has become a tourist attraction, especially on Hue Festival.

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